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palm oil from the fruit of palm trees

A tasty future without palm oil

Palm oil is an ingredient common in nearly everything we consume from pizzas and donuts to shampoo and toothpaste. Not surprisingly, this highly versatile oil is also prevalent in the chocolate we all eat. But, its widespread use is having serious and significant consequences across the world, and here at ...
keeping chocolate cool during transit with woolcool

WoolCool – Keeping chocolate cool during delivery

We are determined to ensure that every chocolate order we deliver arrives in perfect condition for our customers to enjoy. Another innovation which we have rolled out this morning, is the use of WoolCool, to insulate the chocolates during delivery to keep them colder for longer. You may be aware ...
cocoa beans from sustainable farming

Investing in ingredients and packaging for the future

OK, so the headline sounds like this is some feel-good article that preaches about the need to use environmentally friendly packaging to reduce the impact on the planet. Blah, blah, we've all heard it before. But wait. The time to look after our future is now, and the amount of ...
gift an easter egg

Gift a chocolate egg to someone special this easter

Have you ever opened up a chocolate gift delivered around Easter by a local courier or postman, and your excitement is curtailed when you realise the Easter egg has broken in transit? Even worse, when you thank your generous friend or loved one, they're going to be upset when you ...
luxury chocolates handmade in cornwall

Luxury chocolate lovingly handmade In Cornwall

Sugar and spice and all things nice, chocolates that taste so divine. When it comes to handmade luxury chocolate, there are few pleasures more satisfying than the taste of Langleys Rocky Road. Well into our second year, we are still encouraged and at times overwhelmed by the wonderful feedback we ...
belgian chocolate lovers

Belgian Chocolate Lovers Love Langleys Rocky Road

Why is everyone loving our Luxury Belgian chOcOlate? After the great success of last year where our priorities were perfecting recipes and introducing new and exciting flavours to our growing range, this year has seen our focus shift slightly towards partnerships with suppliers and distributors to get our Belgian chocolate ...
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