Chocolate and Cornwall – a great combination

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It feels like forever since the rain properly fell in Cornwall, and non of us are complaining. With the main summer holiday season drawing to an end, and milder temperatures extending into late September, we’re enjoying a fantastic summer across North Cornwall.

Our passion is making chocolates that will give you the ultimate chocolate pleasure. Whether you’re a dark chocolate lover or milk chocolate-a-holic, your favourites are being lovingly prepared in our Cornish kitchen ready for you to taste. Even though the summer heat and making chocolate are not always a great combination, we’ve been adjusting our schedules to make our chocolates through the cooler parts of the day and evenings to ensure we are meeting the demand for your Rocky Road orders.

The flip side of this adjustment means we are able to enjoy some of the mid-30°C temperatures showcasing our products at events up and down the South West, and on quieter days enjoying a wonderful county. Chocolate and Cornwall is certainly a recipe for a good life.

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