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Mothers’ Day is fast approaching and it’s the annual challenge to find a gift that will be perfect for someone who can literally do everything.

Mothers are the best and they deserve all the great things in this world, which means that choosing chocolate as your Mother’s Day gift is a great idea.

Do you know your mothers favourite flavours?

Always remember that this is your mum you are finding a gift for so keep in mind that you should buy a gift according to her preference. Does she like milk or dark chocolate? Langleys milk chocolate is creamy and delicate on the palette, while our dark chocolate containing a minimum 54.5% cocoa solids is rich and luxurious. Our milk and dark chocolates are available in cartons and for a limited period we also have a selection of Easter eggs.

However, if you think one flavour is not enough for your mum, getting her a variety of flavours is also a great option. By giving her a choice, she can choose and enjoy different flavours for days. With Easter just around the corner, it’s the time of year where we usually expand our ranges across selection boxes, carousels and cartons. This year is no different, and below are a selection of ideas which will tingle your mother’s taste buds and keep her happy for days.

Langleys Rocky Road flavours in 80g cartons

A great starting point for Mother’s Day are our 80g cartons. These are ideal if you already know her favourite type of chocolate or her favourite flavours. We’ve worked hard on pairing ingredients and flavours which not only become Award Winners, but are enjoyed by new and returning customers year after year. Whether its milk or dark chocolate you’re after, consider Cranberry, Whiskey, Ginger, Trevethan Gin, Cherry Bakewell, Lime & Seasalt, Lemon Meringue, Orange, Cornish Seasalt and Salted Caramel Rocky Road. Just listing these is even making our mouth’s water!

All our Rocky Road cartons are available to buy online, and can be sent directly to your mum with a gift message.

Chocolate collection boxes for mothers who enjoy a choice

Our Langleys collection boxes have become the perfect gift throughout the year, but we genuinely believe they’re a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day. The winner of the Taste of The West Gold Award in 2021, our Best of Milk Chocolate Selection Box showcases some of our all-time favourite flavours including Orange, Salted Caramel, Cornish Fudge and Trevethan Gin. Choose from either 4, 12 or 24 selection boxes.

Best of Milk Chocolate Selection Box
Best of Milk Selection Box – available in 4, 12 or 24 boxes here

Similarly, our Best of Dark Selection Box is an indulging treat for mums containing Ginger, Lemon Caramel, Amaretto and 60% Dark.

Best of Dark Chocolate Selection Box
Best of Dark Selection Box – available in 4, 12 or 24 boxes here

Mums don’t ask much but they deserve everything so it is just right to celebrate them not just during this special occasion but every day.

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