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gift an easter egg

Have you ever opened up a chocolate gift delivered around Easter by a local courier or postman, and your excitement is curtailed when you realise the Easter egg has broken in transit? Even worse, when you thank your generous friend or loved one, they’re going to be upset when you tell them of the broken egg. Life sucks hey?

The joy of receiving a chocolate gift at Easter has suddenly got a whole lot better.

Our delicious range of Langleys Rocky Road Easter Eggs are the eggs that don’t crack, well, in transit anyway.

The Eggs are protected in Flexi-Hex which is a 100% recycled, biodegradable and flexible cardboard sleeve that adapts to the shape of the egg. This packaging will give comfort to you knowing not only this, but also during a journey, by post or in person, the Easter egg will arrive at its destination intact. The bag in which the Easter egg sits is also food safe and 100% biodegradable.

We can comfortably support its protective structure having carried out a drop test from a height of 4 metres on to a concrete pavement below; the egg was undamaged.We have even had some very willing helpers roll, throw and drop the packaged egg around the streets and beaches of Padstow, and were pleased to report on an unbroken, indestructible Easter egg. You can see their trials and endeavours on Facebook here.

Langleys Easter Eggs are available in 400g and 220g sizes and feature mouth-watering dark and milk chocolate, with a variety of flavours.

Easter eggs available to buy online now:

Langleys Easter eggs are the chocolate gifts for the big occasion, and this Easter surprise someone special with an indestructible egg! Browse the chocolate shop here.

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