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taste of the west award winners 2020

Stopping the process of product innovation has never been an option for us even during the pandemic, and we’re delighted that our continued efforts to innovate and always improve are being recognised with more Taste of the West Award winners – this time for some of our new Christmas products.

We field many requests from our wonderful consumers, partners and suppliers big and small who are looking to try something new. Throughout last year we’ve been testing new flavours and new product ideas to help indulge our own inquisitive minds but also to achieve that ‘something new’ which everyone is looking out for. These ideas and embryonic innovations developed into refined products which we gradually tested with selected suppliers and customers. With finishing touches still being applied to packaging and distribution, we are close to launching a range of new products, some of which come with an Award Winning tag.

Assorted Milk Chocolate Christmas Cracker – Gold 2020

First up, are our Christmas Crackers which won a Taste of the West Gold Award. At the heart of everything we do is a need to become ever more green. We set our minds on encouraging a greener Christmas and boycotting the traditional Christmas cracker, filled with plastic products, gunpowder and packaged in excessive non-recyclable material. We created the carbon neutral table cracker that could make a difference to the environmental impact of Christmas. The Langleys Chocolate Christmas Crackers are beautifully made with biodegradable materials containing some of our most popular Rocky Road chocolates. Instead of the unnatural bang of gunpowder, they deliver a memorable explosion of flavours within their luxurious dark and milk chocolate Rocky Road pieces.

Taste of Cornwall Milk Chocolate Selection – Gold 2020

We’re delighted with the outcome of our Taste of Cornwall milk chocolate selection boxes which won a Taste of the West Gold Award. We’ve worked long and hard pairing new combinations of flavours and textures and our Cornish themed selection is proving to be a winner in many ways. Suppliers and Consumers will soon be able to stock and buy these milk chocolate delights and we’re sure the Coffee, Cornish Chilli, Rum & Raisin and Cornish Seasalt will deliver a Cornish inspired treat and approving smile.

Infused with Cornish Coffee – hand roasted in Cornwall and finished with a dark chocolate coffee bean.

Cornish Chilli
A fusion of Bullet Cornish Chilli with milk chocolate. A subtle warmth that allows you to taste the chocolate and then develops giving the warmth expected.

Rum & Raisin
Raisins soaked in Rosemullion award winning spiced Rum paired with a smooth milk chocolate ganache.

Cornish Seasalt
A must and we hope you agree. Milk chocolate paired with Cornish Seasalt.

Milk Chocolate Christmas Lantern – Silver 2020

Following the success of our Langleys Easter eggs, we have created a range of delicious dark and milk chocolate Christmas Lanterns. The Milk Chocolate Christmas Lantern which picked up a Taste of the West Silver Award is a delightful shell of milk chocolate with delicate milk chocolates inside.

The Lanterns are protected in Flexi-Hex which is a 100% recycled, biodegradable and flexible cardboard sleeve that adapts to the shape of the lantern. This packaging makes the joy of receiving a chocolate gift at Christmas so much better because it fully protects the chocolates during transit. The bag in which the Lantern sits is also food safe and 100% biodegradable. Our Easter eggs were nicknamed the unbreakable eggs, and we’re confident that the similarly unbreakable lanterns will bring a lot of happiness this Christmas.

All 3 of our award winners will be landing in the Langleys online store over the next few months, as well as through our lovely suppliers and stockists around Cornwall and further afield.

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