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cocoa beans from sustainable farming

OK, so the headline sounds like this is some feel-good article that preaches about the need to use environmentally friendly packaging to reduce the impact on the planet. Blah, blah, we’ve all heard it before.

But wait. The time to look after our future is now, and the amount of excessive plastic, or non-recycleable materials being used to wrap and protect our favourite products is still too high. Although under close scrutiny, the choice of ingredients in products also has a negative impact on our futures. There simply isn’t enough collective effort to reduce and change existing production methods or packaging habits by manufacturers, growers and retailers.

Although we are only a small chocolatier crafting small quantities of (delicious) products in comparison to this country’s main manufacturers, we still believe we have a responsibility. Everything and anything we do matters. It matters to our customers, our suppliers and of course it matters to our future.

Last year, we made a deliberate effort to adjust the ingredients throughout all our products. Palm oil was one ingredient which needed replacing. Until now most chocolate made for the UK market contain levels of palm oil. Recognised as the world’s most popular vegetable oil, it may be cheap but it comes at a tremendous cost to the environment. Palm oil has been linked to many environmental, animal, and human rights violations, from excessive deforestation around the world, to endangering once common species towards extinction.

As well as removing palm oil from our products, we’ve also looked at how we buy our chocolate. We joined the Cocoa Horizons Program which means that for every Langleys chocolate our customers buy from us, Cocoa Horizons reinvests a part in farmer training and farming tools to elevate farmers into experts. With their crops, we can continue bringing you superior taste. And in turn, they make a better living out of cocoa farming. The cocoa beans for our chocolate are bought as much as possible directly from farmer cooperatives. This way, the farmers earn a better price for their crop yields and can improve their livelihoods.

We have also taken responsibility in the packaging we use across our products. Before Christmas we launched the world’s first biodegradable and carbon neutral Christmas Cracker. Our Easter eggs this year were also packaged in biodegradable and recycled cardboard, and we will continue introducing new and innovative solutions for our packaging in the coming year to complement our creative thinking for new and exciting flavours.

All these changes are not intended as a chest beating statement. Quite the opposite, they are being introduced to enable us to be a responsible chocolatier, lessen our impact on the environmental and demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.

But most important of all, our changes now give our customers an environmental choice.

With great tasting chocolate comes positive change for all of us, and our futures.

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