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luxury easter eggs from Langleys rocky road

There are many reasons to love Easter. The chocolate, the time off work, the many religious reasons, oh, did we mention the chocolate?!

Easter is on its way once again, so choose wisely and enjoy on your own or buy for loved ones the most delicious luxury chocolates. At Langleys, this is one of our busiest times of the year and a key period for the entire chocolate industry, accounting for 75 per cent of all chocolate spending. Although there is a decrease in the mass produced chocolate sector, the good news for small independent chocolatiers like Langleys, is a 2% increase in popularity of artisan producers, particularly with premium chocolate products around the Easter period.

So what have Langleys got to offer every luxury chocolate loving consumer in 2021?

The answer is simple. Easters eggs… and more Easter eggs!

Last year we introduced the world’s first unbreakable Easter eggs. These eggs were packaged in HexiFlex packaging which meant purchasing a Langleys Easter egg as a gift, guaranteed it to be delivered in one piece, undamaged and looking as delicious as it did the moment it was made. Gone are the days of cracked-eggs and disappointment faces. Now it’s all about maintaining perfection and bringing a smile to peoples faces.

This year we have expanded our range of Easter eggs to give our customers the flavours they like the most combined with new flavours which have become award winners in their own right.

If your’e looking for the perfect Easter egg gift in 2021, or simply looking to taste award winning luxury Belgian chocolate visit the Chocolate Shop for all our dark and milk chocolate eggs. You can choose from:

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