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langleys rocky road and amanda langley featured in small business spotlight within You Magazine

Over the last 3 years we have been very focused on creating the best chocolates and flavour combinations, refining our ingredients and packaging to reduce our carbon footprint, and establishing a range of wonderful gift ideas for everyone to enjoy. Getting a spotlight feature within YOU magazine feels like recognition of our hard work as a small brand with big ambition.

Spotlight on Amanda Langley – from solicitor to creative chocolatier

When our hard work and mouth-watering products get noticed by publications with national coverage, it feels like a huge slap on the back and a feeling that we are making great progress.

We are always getting amazing reviews from customers through social media, email and telephone and are well aware how much our luxury chocolates are being enjoyed. During the pandemic we have missed being able to meet regularly customers in person and get instant feedback at events throughout Cornwall and the West Country. As we come out the other side of this strange and socially distanced world, we are looking forward to getting closer to our customers again, and using real-customer insight to help inspire and future chocolate ideas.

We have had some great exposure from local and regional publications and websites before, but this latest feature in YOU magazine will help to spread the word to a much wider audience and expose our chocolate collections and Rocky Road to more happy customers. This in turn will steer greater numbers of reviews, suggestions and inspiration from greater numbers of chocolate lovers.

You can see the full article here.

On the subject of making Langleys chocolate more accessible, Amanda Langley commented…

I have always wanted my chocolate to be accessible so that it can be enjoyed by as many people as possible, but I understand that there are some limitations. It’s really important that I use the right ingredients, so no palm oil, and my packaging is eco-friendly, sustainable and comes from other local UK businesses. It’s important to me that when someone buys my product, they are not only supporting my small business but other UK businesses, which in turn have made it possible for me to support schemes such as carbon capture. I firmly believe that I am part of a business community.

Amanada Langley

Langleys Easter Eggs are the must have gift this Easter

To share the delicious qualities of Amanda Langley’s wonderful chocolate, the perfect gift for someone special this Easter is surely one of our Award Winning Easter eggs.

Whether you’re a dark or light chocolate lover, fancy a delicious hit of Lime and Seasalt or smooth Salted Caramel, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect Langleys Easter egg.

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