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luxury chocolates handmade in cornwall

Sugar and spice and all things nice, chocolates that taste so divine. When it comes to handmade luxury chocolate, there are few pleasures more satisfying than the taste of Langleys Rocky Road.

Well into our second year, we are still encouraged and at times overwhelmed by the wonderful feedback we get from our customers. We always wanted to create the best luxury chocolate made from the finest local ingredients and with an award winning and growing reputation across the South West of England, we believe we are accomplishing what we set out to achieve. Our wholesale customers regularly feedback on the positive comments they get from their customers, and at our weekly events, chocolate lovers are expressing their delight at our tasting counter.

Chocolate lovers giving feedback on our luxury chocolate Rocky Road

“This is amazing! The lime goes on and on accompanied by a hint of Cornish sea salt”
Trevor | 5* Review | Lime & Seasalt Rocky Road

“The best chocolate I have had yet and amazing customer service. I always rave at local produce and we should make our own stuff instead of buying in supermarkets”
Samual Bull | 5* Review | Orange Rocky Road

“Delicious dark luxury chocolate with a lovely kick of ginger. Very moreish”
Dragon8910 | 5* Review | Ginger Rocky Road

Handmade Belgian chocolates – what is all the fuss about?

We are not going to give away our trade secrets here, but trying to encapsulate within a few words why we are proud of the “Luxury” in our luxury chocolates, will go a long way to explaining why so many customers are enjoying our Belgian chocolates across our range of Rocky Road flavours.

So what makes our handmade chocolates so special? In a nutshell, we use premium ingredients, that are fresh and locally sourced wherever possible. For example we use Tarquin’s Cornish Gin in our Gin Rocky Road chocolates, Cornish Fudge in our Fudge Rocky Road chocolates, and Cornish Sea Salt used in our Lime & Seasalt Rocky Road is sourced directly from the Atlantic waters around the Cornish coast.

We spend time making sure that we temper our chocolate correctly so that the consistency is perfect in every chocolate bite.

We use premium polycarbonate chocolate moulds to create the shape of all our Rocky Road products. Each of which requires careful preparation including the application of the unique Langley’s marbling, fast becoming one of the identifiable brand components of our luxury chocolate products.

Filling the chocolate moulds is where the creativity and magic really starts to happen. We carefully fill the chocolate moulds with our blend of ingredients including our Rocky Road favourites and other special ingredients for each of the different flavours. Closing the chocolates is the final step in the handmade process. There is a small amount of space left at the top of each mould in each chocolate to enable us to close them. This simply involves spreading a layer of luxury Belgian chocolate on top, scraping it off so that it is neat, and then allowing them to set.

Handmade luxury chocolates are not just about the ingredients but also the timings and attention to detail in every batch. Typically we let them set overnight, carefully de-mould them, and check to make sure each chocolate meets our high quality standards.

Luxury chocolate gifts for Christmas

luxury chocolate gifts from langleys rocky road

Our Cartons of Rocky Road have been a winner with our customers over the Christmas period, but unsurprisingly our Collections are fast becoming a favourite for gifts at Christmas. With a combination of flavours in our dark, milk and assorted collections, there is a luxury chocolate gift for pretty much any chocolate lover.

Our recently lunched Carousels which include 3 flavours of Rocky Road bites and bars of chocolate are the fastest sellers at events throughout 2019. With Christmas just around the corner, we anticipate high demand for these handmade chocolate treats beautifully presented in our carousel boxes. Available in Christmas Carousel (featuring award winning Orange Rocky Road, Rose Rocky Road, and Christmas Spice); Fancy a Tipple Carousel (featuring Amaretto Rocky Road, Whiskey Rocky Road and Cornish Gin Rocky Road); and Dark Collection Carousel (featuring Chilli Rocky Road, Amaretto Rocky Road and Ginger Rocky Road); these carousels are the perfect Christmas chocolate gift which anyone would love to open and taste.

But it doesn’t end there. The choice of products available as chocolate gifts from Langleys Rocky Road is soon going to expand. We are just a few weeks away from launching a Christmas surprise with our “Christmas Crackers”. You’ve heard it here first, but keep an eye out on this website and on Facebook for a cracking new set of products that can be enjoyed at the Christmas table… and late into the festive night.

For further information on any of our products please contact us on 07921 775998 or email us here

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