My own unique twist on the Rocky Road

pouring milk chocolate at langleys rocky road

Life is a journey which has its fill of Rocky Roads, or at least mine has been.  I have learnt from each and every one and my life would not be the same without them.  However Rocky Roads need to be rewarded and it was out of this that Langley’s Rocky Road was created.  My inspiration comes from the Cornish coastline and its rejuvenating ability.

My own unique twist on the widely recognised variety.  It combines my passion for chocolate, with my quest for unique flavours and to make sure everyone who tastes it gets the “Rocky Road Face”.  To some this comes out of the blue and is totally unexpected, for those who are repeat tasters it just gets better!

So be prepared to enjoy the combination of the best chocolate, different textures and flavours that just mean you must take another piece. See all my Rocky Road favourites here.


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