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Our first retail shop and café is now open on Nansledan, Newquay. Nansledan is situated on the outskirts of the seaside town Newquay, Cornwall. Our handmade chocolates are waiting for you! We also have a full selection of hot chocolate drinks and coffees. Experience the taste sensation of difference cocoas from different regions, enjoy some […]
the art of corporate gifting with chocolate

The Art of Corporate Gifting

Looking for business gifts to impress? Think of corporate gifting as part of your overall customer experience. If you’re striving to build a great relationship with a client, corporate gifts are a way to enhance that experience. It can also hold great meaning to some customers – particularly if they are used to receiving gifts […]
langleys rocky road and amanda langley featured in small business spotlight within You Magazine

Langleys luxury chocolates get national coverage in You magazine

Over the last 3 years we have been very focused on creating the best chocolates and flavour combinations, refining our ingredients and packaging to reduce our carbon footprint, and establishing a range of wonderful gift ideas for everyone to enjoy. Getting a spotlight feature within YOU magazine feels like recognition of our hard work as a small brand with big ambition.
mothers day chocolate

Choosing chocolates for Mother’s Day (27th March)

Mothers’ Day is fast approaching and it’s the annual challenge to find a gift that will be perfect for someone who can literally do everything. Mothers are the best and they deserve all the great things in this world, which means that choosing chocolate as your Mother’s Day gift is a great idea. Do you […]
luxury wholesale chocolate from langleys

Award-winning wholesale Chocolate

Whether you’re in the market for high quality, award-winning Cornish-made luxury chocolate, or think our unique range of chocolate would suit your store, we would love to talk to you.
box chocolates

upcOming Events

We are always looking for the best events to showcase our chocolates, and would be delighted to meet you if there is a confirmed event near you. Check out all our confirmed events here with details of when and where we are on the rocky road (pardon the pun).
hot chocolate stocking filler

A history of drinking hot chocolate

With just over 90 days until Christmas and the days getting noticeably shorter as we enter into beautifully colourful Autumn, many of us will be thinking of cozy evenings, cradling a mug of warm, rich, hot chocolate in both hands on a cold night by the fire. With your shoes kicked off and the body […]
salted caramel chocolate

Salted Caramel & Chocolate – A Perfect Combo

Henri Le Roux was the first chocolatier to formally introduce us to the world of salty and sweet in the late 1970’s. After months of experimentation, the ingenious Frenchman sparked a salted caramel revolution and it quickly become one of the most addictive substances of the confectionery world and beyond. Based in Brittany, Le Roux […]
buying chocolate - the emotional choice

The uK loves chocolate – the emotional choice of consumers

The uK’s continue love affair with chocolate The UK has always had a passionate love affair with chocolate, and it’s showing no signs of cooling off. We eat an estimated 660,900 tonnes of chocolate a year, an average of 11kg per person per year. This equates to about 3 bars a week. According to information […]

A Gift For Dad on Father’s Day

If you’ve been scratching your head, wondering what dad would like to receive as a gift on Father’s Day, then maybe the answer is a little more simple than you think? Let’s face it, buying a gift for dad on special occasions is notoriously difficult. What haven’t they already got which they would love to […]
The difference between milk chocolate and dark chocolate

The difference between milk chocolate and dark chocolate

We are often asked what the real difference is between milk chocolate and dark chocolate and whether one is better for you than the other. Not all chocolate is created equal, but it’s all equally delicious. When it comes to milk vs. dark, they each have their own perks and quirks for you sweet tooth […]
luxury easter eggs from Langleys rocky road

Is Chocolate The Reason We Love Easter?

There are many reasons to love Easter. The chocolate, the time off work, the many religious reasons, oh, did we mention the chocolate?! Easter is on its way once again, so choose wisely and enjoy on your own or buy for loved ones the most delicious luxury chocolates. At Langleys, this is one of our […]
Tis the season to eat chocolate christmas

‘Tis the season to eat chocolate

Who doesn’t love seeing their children’s faces light up at the beginning of December when they at last get to open the first door of their advent calendar and eat their first advent chocolate. Then through the festive period they get to enjoy chocolates from the tree, from their Christmas stockings and of course the […]
our love affair with chocolate

Our love affair with chocolate

In the UK we have always had a passionate love affair with chocolate and it’s showing no signs of cooling off. Revenue in the Confectionery segment (chocolate, ice-cream, sugar confectionary and biscuits) amounts to £11billion in 2020, and the market is expected to grow annually by 1.2% for the next 5 years. In terms of […]
taste of the west award winners 2020

Innovation leads to more awards for Langleys

Stopping the process of product innovation has never been an option for us even during the pandemic, and we're delighted that our continued efforts to innovate and always improve are being recognised with more Taste of the West Award winners - this time for some of our new Christmas products.
palm oil from the fruit of palm trees

A tasty future without palm oil

Palm oil is an ingredient common in nearly everything we consume from pizzas and donuts to shampoo and toothpaste. Not surprisingly, this highly versatile oil is also prevalent in the chocolate we all eat. But, its widespread use is having serious and significant consequences across the world, and here at Langleys we are making a […]
keeping chocolate cool during transit with woolcool

WoolCool – Keeping chocolate cool during delivery

We are determined to ensure that every chocolate order we deliver arrives in perfect condition for our customers to enjoy. Another innovation which we have rolled out this morning, is the use of WoolCool, to insulate the chocolates during delivery to keep them colder for longer. You may be aware of some of our packaging […]
cocoa beans from sustainable farming

Investing in ingredients and packaging for the future

OK, so the headline sounds like this is some feel-good article that preaches about the need to use environmentally friendly packaging to reduce the impact on the planet. Blah, blah, we’ve all heard it before. But wait. The time to look after our future is now, and the amount of excessive plastic, or non-recycleable materials […]
gift an easter egg

Gift a chocolate egg to someone special this easter

Have you ever opened up a chocolate gift delivered around Easter by a local courier or postman, and your excitement is curtailed when you realise the Easter egg has broken in transit? Our delicious range of Langleys Rocky Road Easter Eggs are the eggs that don’t crack, well, in transit anyway.
luxury chocolates handmade in cornwall

Luxury chocolate lovingly handmade In Cornwall

Sugar and spice and all things nice, chocolate that tastes so divine. When it comes to handmade luxury chocolate, there are few pleasures more satisfying than the taste of Langleys Rocky Road.
belgian chocolate lovers

Belgian Chocolate Lovers Love Langleys Rocky Road

After the great success of last year where our priorities were perfecting recipes and introducing new and exciting flavours to our growing range, this year has seen our focus shift slightly towards partnerships with suppliers and distributors to get our Belgian chocolate enjoyed by more and more people.
see us at a festival and get chocolate delivered to you

Chocolate Lovers – Festival Season Kicks Off and We’re Ready

After a cocoa-filled winter developing new chocolate ideas, and planning for our busiest year to-date, we are ready to take on the festival season.
wholesale chocolates made in cornwall

Luxury Wholesale chocolates

Now is the time for your business and your customers to benefit from Langleys Rocky Road. That new must-have chocolate is here and consumers are loving them. Get your luxury wholesale chocolates direct from Langleys Rocky Road and be part of the growth, visibility and deliciousness of our moreish chocolates.
rum & raisin flavour - a timeless classic

Rum & Raisin Flavour – a timeless classic

The pair­ing of rum and raisin flavour is surely an unrivalled time­less clas­sic. During my childhood rum & raisin meant ice cream, and goodness knows how many tubs and cones I’ve got through over the years. Raisins have been a popular ingredient in traditional desserts, particularly in southern Europe and the sweet and light flavour […]
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