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rum & raisin flavour - a timeless classic

The pair­ing of rum and raisin flavour is surely an unrivalled time­less clas­sic. During my childhood rum & raisin meant ice cream, and goodness knows how many tubs and cones I’ve got through over the years.

Raisins have been a popular ingredient in traditional desserts, particularly in southern Europe and the sweet and light flavour of rum makes it an excellent choice for soaking raisins to make them juicy. Sicilians were the first to create Málaga (wine) gelato, and then evolved into using rum. In the 1980s Häagen-Dazs® introduced its rum raisin ice cream to the world.

Obviously living in Cornwall I’m still partial to a sneaky ice cream, but these days my excitement is enhanced by introducing this delightful rum & raisin flavour combo with dark chocolate. Take away the ice-cream and the rum and raisin flavour with luxury Belgian dark chocolate is heaven.

During 2018 Rum & Raisin Rocky Road was created and added to the growing line-up of Langleys Rocky Road chocolates. It was soft launched at events and shows throughout the South West for customers to taste and enjoy. The flavour pairing needed to balance just right with the rest of the Rocky Road ingredients including nougat, marshmallow, caramel and honeycomb. Feedback from willing tasters was very positive, and the best endorsement was an empty vehicle at the end of each day with all Rum & Raisin Rocky Road selling quicker than we could originally make them.

Unlike the early ice-creams and traditional desserts, we don’t soak our raisins in rum because we need to keep the alcoholic content to a minimum to appeal to all ages. Typically rum content is less than 1% but just enough for the flavour to marry perfectly with the raisin and other flavours.

Tempted by this timeless classic? Now available to buy online, add a few cartons of Rum & Raisin Rocky Road into your basket and experience the delicious pairing for yourself or share with friends.

Amanda x

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