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buying chocolate - the emotional choice

The uK’s continue love affair with chocolate

The UK has always had a passionate love affair with chocolate, and it’s showing no signs of cooling off. We eat an estimated 660,900 tonnes of chocolate a year, an average of 11kg per person per year. This equates to about 3 bars a week.

According to information by market analyst Information Resources (IRI), Cadbury’s Dairy Milk is the bestselling chocolate bar in the UK with annual sales of £483.1m. But size isn’t everything and it certainly doesn’t mean the best.

Here at Langleys we have always taken pride in our creative and innovative thinking when it comes to flavour combinations, chocolate production and of course delivering what our customers really want. Over the past 3 years consumers have actively sought information about food sourcing and the ethics surrounding their consumption choices. Ethically-sourced chocolate has become increasingly popular in the UK, and our cocoa sourcing in support of small fair-trade-only operators has been well received by our distributors, stockists and customers alike.

Our stance on environmentally friendly packaging solutions, and our choice of ingredients like the removal of palm oil from all our products was a big decision for us. We made these choices over 2 years ago and look back at this as being a sound and wise decision. The growing trend in ethical consumerism has resulted in some consumers deviating to smaller producers like Langleys that guarantee ethically sourced ingredients, particularly following accusations that large companies are operating unethically. We may not be selling anywhere near the volumes of Cadburys Dairy Milk, but we feel great that our customers feel good about their chocolate choices.

Choosing chocolate is an emotive decision

Deciding which chocolate to eat has always been an emotional choice. Which manufacture?, making a choice of dark or milk chocolate, huge flavour combinations, and of course how it makes you feel. Chocolate has a unique quality where on one hand it is often an impulsive purchase due to a consumers state of mind; and on the other the decision to buy can be very calculated where the consumer is looking forward to positive feelings. But in recent years there is a new chocolate phenomenon which we have built our whole Cornish business around – the emotion of giving chocolate.

Receiving chocolate from someone is a wonderful feeling. Not only have they taken the time to purchase something special for you, they’re demonstrating the value of your friendship and/or love. Knowing the huge positive and long-lasting impact a chocolate gift can be, consumers are now making purchase decisions on how the gift will make someone feel, as well as how good it feels to give. Let’s face it, chocolate, particularly luxury chocolate like Langleys isn’t really about ethics and the environment. It’s about emotion. It’s about how it can make you feel buying it for someone, or sharing it with someone.

When you’re buying chocolate, you’re obviously looking for flavour combinations which are utterly mouth-wateringly delicious… but your choice is based on emotional feelings at the point of purchase on how it’s going to make you and your loved ones feel at some point in the future. Maybe shopping for chocolate is an activity where its done with a smile on your face, fuelled with thoughts of the positive impact of your generosity.

Think gift. Think chocolate. Think Langleys.

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