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keeping chocolate cool during transit with woolcool

We are determined to ensure that every chocolate order we deliver arrives in perfect condition for our customers to enjoy. Another innovation which we have rolled out this morning, is the use of WoolCool, to insulate the chocolates during delivery to keep them colder for longer.

You may be aware of some of our packaging innovations over the last 12 months to protect our products. We introduced FlexiHex this Easter to ensure that all eggs were unbreakable during delivery and arrived in one piece. We’ve also introduced green packaging including biodegradable materials and vegetable inks to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.

But our latest packaging innovation now goes further than ever before to protect our products as well as our planet. WoolCool in made using 100% pure sheep’s wool. The wool is sustainable, compostable, and due to Wool’s superior insulate properties, more effective than other solutions at keeping our chocolates consistently colder for longer.

This biodegradability means that after use, it can be returned to the soil where it decomposes, releasing valuable nutrients into the ground. Regardless of where it decomposes, even if ultimately this is in landfills, within 6-12 months, the wool will have broken down, never to be seen again.

Not only is the wool reducing food waste by keeping chocolates chilled in transit, but it is also significantly reducing our packaging waste to landfill.

As of 1st June 2020, you can now add WoolCool to any order in our Shop. For just £2, add WoolCool to any of your products and we will insulate your entire order with 100% natural sheep’s wool.

Can you reuse or recycle the WoolCool?

Yes, one of the reasons we were attracted to WoolCool is how it can be reused by our customers after they have opened their chocolate deliver. These are a few ways you can recycle/reuse the wool :

  • Picnic hampers to keep food cool on hot summer days
  • Hanging baskets
  • Pet baskets
  • Cushion stuffing
  • Pipe lagging
  • Draught exclusion
  • Protection for plants and trees from frost

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